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Spring Beauty Products to Boost Your Glow

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lycia Thornburg, now is the perfect time to give your skin a spring cleaning. According to Thornburg, who recently returned from the 2024 American Academy of Dermatology conference in San Diego, starting a self-care routine is the first step to unlocking the mysteries of the fountain of youth skin. She claims that nutrition has a big impact on skin. She claims that since luminous skin originates internally rather than always from the outside, diet has a significant impact on skin tone.
According to her, skincare doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes to shed winter skin for spring is to eat more veggies. This is our best opportunity to give our skin the nutrition and support it needs to look amazing all year round, regardless of the season. In order to get the fountain of youth, Thornburg suggests a diet rich in colorful vegetables, legumes, and beans. This will aid in the absorption of vitamin D and also help with the absorption of vitamin A, magnesium, and potassium.

Essentials for a springtime glow-up

A foolproof guide to transforming into your best self for spring. Spring brings with it sunshine, mild temperatures, and the chance to start over. These little steps toward a glow-up to get ready for spring are inspired by seasonal changes, which also offer a time to reflect and put self-care habits into place.


Seeing a balanced life first is essential to living one. To add meditation to your regular self-care routine, think about using an app like Headspace or finding a health diary similar to Papier’s. A seasonal slump might be overcome by doing something as easy as making a phone call to a loved one or going out to lunch. To fully enjoy the change of the seasons, tend to your mental health first, as it is impacted by gloomy weather.

Drinking Water

Our bodies and skin lose all of their moisture in cold temperatures, leaving us parched, dry, and dehydrated. To hydrate your face, lips, hands, and body, try a decent lip balm, lotion, and a water bottle that measures your progress.

Skin Treatment

It’s simple to overlook skin care when we’re pressed for time in the morning or have stayed up too late studying. Make a weekly commitment to using a brightening mask and moisturizing serum to enhance your skincare game. Alternatively, you might attempt applying a basic sunscreen every morning to establish consistency and shield yourself from the sun.

Exercise and fresh air

Take some time to enjoy the fresh air by going for a stroll or jog. This will not only get your body moving but also provide you with some much-needed Vitamin D and mental clarity. One trail closes to campus, Glover Archbold Park, has a serene stream where you can sit and find your center. Or visit Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., which has a ton of hiking paths. If you would rather stay inside, try PilatesBodyRaven or Yoga with Adrienne and discover a routine that you enjoy. Experimenting with something new can improve your mood even if it doesn’t become routine.

Add some color to your closet

Wearing something exciting is crucial to any glow-up, whether you’re going shopping, borrowing a friend’s shirt, or just experimenting with different outfit combinations. Get a style
DNA app to find out what colors and looks work best on you. Embrace the vibrant hues of the season and see how they elevate your mood.

Take a stab at a fresh recipe

The time has come to go from soup to salad. Get a spring cookbook such as “Seriously Good Salads” and experiment with some different dishes. To be your best self by spring, make sure your meal plans include something delicious, nutritious, simple, and full. As strawberries, avocados, and tomatoes approach their return to season, they will taste especially good on top of a seasonal salad.

Choose nap

Healthy, radiant skin is a result of getting a good night’s sleep. Aim for seven to nine hours of good sleep every night.


There are certain key dos and don’ts to take into account when getting your facial skin ready for spring. It’s time to wrap up now that you’ve done all necessary to get your skin ready for the new season. Healthy, radiant skin is largely dependent on proper planning. Regularly cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin has given it the care it needs to get ready for spring’s challenges. However, eating healthfully and limiting UV exposure also have a significant impact. You may greet the new season with glowing, healthy skin and a springtime glow on your face if you adhere to these guidelines!

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