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15 tips for making your property descriptions more inclusive

Marketing a facility in a way that appeals to all potential clients is also a smart business move.
I write a lot of property descriptions for agents and brokers across North America, and
frequently, as part of my research, I review past descriptions to get information about the
property or review listings in the same neighborhood to gain perspective on amenities and
location. Ability to empathize and consider the issue from a different angle are essential for
making wise choices on this front. You can find it difficult to empathize with others if your first
thought is that “people are too easily offended” or “people are making a big deal out of
 A house’s neighborhood, location, and amenities like the kitchen, living room, and bathroom should all be vividly described in the property description with evocative words. Real estate words like “move-in ready,” “professionally decorated,” and “perfectly priced” help your property listings stand out and attract qualified leads.

What is the description of a property listing?

property description is an essential aspect of any real estate listing, and it’s important to
include all the pertinent data about the property in order to offer potential buyers a clear
picture of what they’re looking at. Your property description needs to stand out in the
competitive real estate market.

    The key component in a description of a property

It’s crucial to define what a property listing description is before we get into some important
tips. These are some ideas on what should be mentioned in a property description.

Make a catchy headline

The best advice is to write five to ten different headlines and test them on friends and family,
then get their input. You never know what concepts will strike you. The title is the main thing
that will draw in potential guests. Give them a cause to click by drawing them in! Use positive,
descriptive language when describing your property’s kind, precise location, and any unique
features or neighboring attractions. For example, use “Family-sized villa with games room and
pool – 5 minutes to Disney World” instead of “Villa 3, Bay Lake, Florida.


Recognize your target audience

The best advice is to revisit your vacation rental headline after considering your “ideal guest.”
Does it successfully appeal to the people you want to reach? If not, a rewrite might be
necessary. A property listing description that effectively engages potential buyers requires a
thorough understanding of your target market. How can you make an impression on your
guests if you don’t know who they are or what they want?

Decide on your main selling features

Each guest is different and has different demands. A family visiting an entertainment park, for
example, will have different needs than honeymooners or strenuous hikers. Keep in mind your
target audience and their needs when crafting the description of your property. You can use
this to determine your main selling points. Open fireplaces, Jacuzzis, kid-friendly play areas,
free parking, quick Wi-Fi for business travelers (or picky teenagers!) and pet-friendly
accommodations are a few examples of these. Anything that adds character or attractiveness
to your property.

Modify your content for search engines

All of this is an aspect of web authoring, or “search engine optimization.” Make the most of
your guests’ experience; they will read the description of your home on the internet. Divide
your text into important sections and subheadings. This will enable visitors to swiftly peruse
the necessary information.

More is always more

This does not imply that you should exaggerate the benefits of your holiday home. Any false
information will just leave visitors unhappy and with negative evaluations. Rather, we mean
making the most of character counts to market your property. Give as much pertinent
information as you can. Make an effort to turn your words into a “virtual guided tour” that is
supported by excellent photos of your property and its surroundings.

Honor your neighborhood

Finally, keep in mind that a property listing description isn’t just about your house! Travelers
plan their vacations to take advantage of restaurants, pubs, museums, walks on the beach,
and so on. So what is it about your neighborhood that draws visitors? Recall that you can alter
the description of your property listing at any time of the year. Mention any seasonal events
that your rental is ideal for. How about a huge food celebration? While beachgoers will stay in
the summer, hikers may swarm your area in the fall. Remember seasonality and be mindful
that your target the market may evolve.


Agents and brokers may attract more purchasers with the aid of a well-written property
description. A house might sound like the ideal place for someone to live if the correct words
are used.

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