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Excellent Lead Generation Ideas with Sales Funnel for Brokers and Agents in 2024

One of the most crucial abilities an agent may have is lead generation, and it’s also sometimes one of the hardest, particularly for inexperienced agents. While some find it difficult to build the connections necessary to generate leads, others believe the work is too costly because it requires them to buy lists or spend a significant amount of money on marketing. Businesses can still create sales leads with other methods, including email tracking, marketing automation, and social media, even though live events are taking a break. It’s not always the case that lead generation entails finding a buyer and seller who is prepared, willing, and competent. According to Ronnie Glomb, CEO of Your Town Realty in Morristown, New Jersey, “Building your network is the key to lead generation.” “The hardest thing is never missing an opportunity,” the real estate agent said, pointing out that, in essence, their job is to serve as matchmakers, constantly alert and on the lookout for potential matches.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

All potential clients, regardless of how your firm is marketed, are probably going to pose identical queries and do comparable actions to decide whether or not to purchase from you. A sales funnel is a diagram that shows the path of your customers. A sales funnel can assist you in understanding your product and sales experience from the viewpoint of your customer or in training and preparing your sales staff.


Every sales funnel consists of a sequence of actions that potential consumers must perform in order to “funnel” from the pool of all targeted customers to become qualified leads and, ultimately, complete a purchase. Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an enthusiast for advertising, came up with the simplest of four phases in 1898. AIDA stands for Awareness/Attention, Interest, Desire/Decision, and Action. These four steps are what comprise every sales funnel. The phase in which your target market first learns about your product is known as awareness, often known as attention. The instant a customer shows interest in or becomes aware of your goods is referred to as interest. You know you’re at the desired stage when a customer shows a preference or a desire to pick your product over competitors. When the client takes action.

Fundamental Design of a Sales Funnel

Any sales funnel’s fundamental design consists of three levels: top, middle, and bottom. Sublevels are typically included at each level.

                          Advantages of a Sales Channel

All industries combined have an average conversion rate of 3.9%; B2B technology has the lowest rate at 1.7%, while professional services has the highest average at 9.3%. A welldesigned sales funnel facilitates strategic planning and narrows the focus of your team’s attention to leads that have the highest conversion rates.

Elevated Efficiency

By helping you and your team better understand your ideal customer and more effectively address their demands, a sales funnel can help you and your team become more productive. By doing this, time that would be lost looking for unqualified leads is saved.

Forecasting and insights made easier

As potential customers pass through the various stages of a sales funnel, you and your sales team will be able to learn a great deal about them. Gaining a better understanding of your prospects’ needs and what converts them into qualified leads will help you anticipate sales success and improve the development of your product or service.

Improved CRM

Sales funnels will also enable you to see leads that are not progressing to the next level of the
funnel, which will assist you in comprehending the needs of prospective clients you may be
passing over.


Illustrations of Models for Sales Funnels

You can greatly assist your team in visualizing the stages each member needs to follow
to complete business by giving them a sales funnel that is tailored to your particular process.

Funnel for Brokerage Sales

A brokerage is a company that represents several suppliers of goods or services and acts as a
“broker” for clients.

SAAS Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are helpful for businesses selling software-as-a-service (SaaS) items, even if they
are slightly more complex than selling physical goods.

Email marketing sales funnels with social media

The same AIDA phases are strategically used in this social media sales funnel to attract clients
to a product: Targeting postings on social media platforms increases visibility; contacting
prospects who have registered to your list sparks interest; holding an online conference aids
in decision-making; and, lastly, presenting your product to clients encourages action.


Understanding your sales pipeline and how each stage moves you closer to turning leads into
customers is essential to building the greatest sales funnel for your company.

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