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Experts advise keeping your weight-loss journey a secret from others

“The journey to lose weight is very personal. Not every family agrees with this choice,” Michelle Saari, “You can hear comments like ‘You don’t need to lose weight; you look wonderful’ when you discuss your weight loss objectives. Despite their good intentions, these remarks may compromise your right to privacy,” the speaker stated. She emphasized that you don’t have to justify your weight-loss choices to anyone. That opinion was shared by George Yang, the founder of Yanre fitness and the OxygenArk brand, who is based in Philadelphia. Yang claimed that maintaining your weight-loss objectives to yourself and not disclosing them to others can help you feel less pressure from outside sources.

More important elements for weight maintenance

Maintaining your new weight simply entails continuing your healthy behaviors, provided
that your weight loss was gradual and sustained and that you now weigh a suitable amount
for your body. It’s not necessary to track calories or strive for excellence every day. Ayesta
advises concentrating on maintaining the healthy lifestyle adjustments that first enabled you
to reduce weight. The following criteria must be met in order to maintain a healthy weight:
1:Consuming sufficient protein each day
2:Keeping the right amount of water in
3:Controlling tension
4:Getting adequate rest
5:Consuming sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables

Make whole foods the primary component of your diet

When it comes to dropping pounds and keeping it off permanently, your daily diet has a major
impact. Yes, as long as you’re eating mostly whole foods every day, you can still enjoy the
occasional ice cream cone or burger while maintaining a balanced diet. Whole food plantbased diets are quite successful for long-term weight loss and lowering the risk of type 2
diabetes and hypertension, according to a 2020 study published in The American Journal of
Lifestyle Medicines.

“Aim to eat a balanced, nutritious diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and
whole grains,” suggests Best.

Never miss breakfast

“Eating breakfast every day sets your day right and can curb cravings later in the day,” Melissa
Mitri, RD,
a registered dietitian with Melissa Mitri Nutrition, tells us. “It’s also an opportunity
to fuel your workouts if you are a morning workout person, leading to a more effective
workout and better performance.”
Science supports Mitri’s claim. A 2021 study published in Nutrients found that skipping meals
was associated with being overweight and obesity, since it can slow your metabolism and
result in overeating at your next meal.

Eat with awareness

Building good eating habits is made easier with the help of mindful eating. Rather than
following rigorous diet plans, tracking calories, or feeling bad about a “slip-up,” mindful eating
calls for you to be aware of the signals your body sends out regarding hunger and fullness. In
the end, studies show that mindful eating can improve mealtime enjoyment and reduce
“Practice mindful eating by paying attention to hunger cues and eating slowly,” Best advises.

Exercise your deep breathing

“How can breathing help me lose weight?” is a question you may have. Deep breathing
techniques have been shown to promote mental health, reduce stress, calm the body, and
reduce anxiety. According to recent studies, persistent stress can hinder your attempts to lose
weight by making you eat more and move less.

“Manage stress for weight loss through stress-reducing techniques like meditation or deep
breathing,” Best advises

Avoid processed meals

The yin to the yang of whole foods is processed food. Processed foods have the exact
opposite effect on weight loss as whole, plant-based foods do. In one study, hot dogs, tater
tots, canned ravioli, chicken nuggets, and pork sausage were given to half of the participants.
The other half consumed salads, vegetables, grilled steak, and seafood as part of a less
processed diet. They discovered that, in comparison to individuals who ate fewer processed
foods, those who had a diet heavy in processed foods ingested more calories and gained an
average of two pounds.

“Limit highly processed foods and focus on whole, minimally processed foods,” Best

                               In Conclusion

It can be challenging to lose weight and keep it off, but you can increase your chances of
success if you prepare yourself in advance. As Ayesta noted, since our bodies are designed to
fluctuate, it’s crucial to not place too much importance on a particular number on the scale.
Beyond your weight, there are further considerations to make. You shouldn’t discount your
achievements if you’re feeling more rested, invigorated, and in better shape. And lastly,
having a professional on your side is beneficial, like a registered nutritionist.

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