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Nerd Fitness is an effective resource to level up your life

The gym is not necessarily a safe environment. Despite my desire to work as a personal
trainer in a gym, I am aware of this. My ultimate goal is to help individuals get over their fear
of working out and feel comfortable doing it, but I understand that others, especially nerds,
may not feel appreciated in gyms.
If you’ve experienced that, let me introduce you to Nerd Fitness, something I came across
while looking up entertaining, nerdy workout ideas online.

But fit nerds do exist, and 28-year-old entrepreneur Steve Kamb is assembling a legion of
them. Steve Kamb, a workout enthusiast and self-described nerd, founded Nerd Fitness. His
ultimate dream was to build a website with tools and articles about healthy living for all nerds
and geeks. This website highlights living a healthy lifestyle rather than merely striving to look
like Catwoman or Thor from a comic book, which is what I appreciate about it right away. It
all comes down to living life to the fullest and how leading a healthier lifestyle may help you
do that. Nerd Fitness doesn’t promote the “summer body,” which is something I detest since
it’s degrading and needless.


                         The Nerd Fitness Academy

which is organized akin to a fitness role-playing game, is the best feature of Nerd Fitness. This self-paced online course presents your character page and skills, as well as various exercise routines and nutrition plans that you can accomplish through “quests.” Completing a mission gives you experience points (XP), which you may use to level up your “character,” or yourself, as you form better habits.


For Instance

The image below depicts an example of a workout. The items needed, which include every
piece of gym equipment you would need to finish the workout, are displayed on the left. It
also displays the Scrolls of Wisdom, which are similar to exercise-related instructional movies. I am among the many gamers who will find this setup appealing.

An excellent tool for keeping up a healthy lifestyle is Nerd Fitness. It offers good feedback
without the ugliness of body shaming found on other health websites. This website provides
a secure environment for fellow nerds to do various activities correctly and safely while
concurrently engaging in an online role-playing game.

                             The Concept Of “Leveling Up”

Kamb is the brains behind Nerd exercise, a bootstrapped company that started off by selling
equipment and exercise advice to other nerds who wanted to become shredded on the
internet. Kamb, a self-described computer enthusiast who built his own computers in high
school, fell head over heels in love with the concept of “leveling up” oneself.

“I fell in love with the idea of getting a little bit stronger and healthier and, you know,
really trying to think of my life as a video game,
” he explains.
After working on his own, Kamb relocated to California five years ago and joined a gym
that offered free personal training
. After Kamb’s personal trainer changed his food and
exercise regimen,
he claims to have experienced more improvement in just a month than
he had in his six years of training.
That was Kamb’s “ah-ha” moment.

Considering how far Nerd Fitness has progressed, what factors do
you believe have contributed to its success?

I believe the reason Nerd Fitness has been able to expand in the extent that it has is because
it is just so distinct from most other fitness websites. I made no attempt to dominate the
fitness industry. I made the decision to start my own fitness business catering exclusively to
geeks and let it expand from there. Hopefully it only encourages people to adopt a slightly
different perspective.

Nerd Strength

Before you can become a better version of yourself, you must first learn to be yourself. Nerd
Fitness provides an enormous selection of workshops. Paleo cooking lessons, meditation
courses, parkour, sword fighting, trickery, and combat skills are among the active offerings.
Other classes include self-confidence boosting and depression management.


Kamb: I admit that I have an addicted nature. Whether it’s video games, a hobby, or my
business, I usually give everything I have. It’s quite easy for me to work all day and all night if
I’m not careful. Years of not taking care of myself finally forced me to realize that working
nonstop is a surefire way to burn out and disappoint.

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