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Gaining muscle is one of the finest strategies to reduce weight. However, you might be unsure
of where to begin if you’ve never lifted weights before. You’re not alone if choosing an
exercise seems overwhelming because there are countless possibilities available. We’re
providing you with a basic exercise program that targets body fat and increases muscle mass
because of this. Let’s examine why increasing your muscle mass is a great way to lose weight
and how to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Is It Possible to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time?

“Body composition, or the ability to gain muscle while losing fat, is a real possibility,” claims
Chavez. Both Chavez and Lafelice agree that the keys to a good body recomposition are
resistance exercise and protein consumption. According to Chavez, eating at a modest
calorie deficit or at a maintenance quantity of calories is equally essential.

Why Gaining Muscle Is the Best Way to Lose Fat

Some people think that trying to increase muscle is counterproductive if you want to reduce
weight. It’s probably because the numbers on the scale frequently don’t decrease as quickly
as one might like when one concentrates on growing muscle. You may have heard that having
a lean body mass is ideal. It’s not true what you may have been told—you may grow muscle
and lose weight. And building muscle may be the most effective way to burn fat. This is
because your resting metabolic rate normally rises while you try to gain muscle. This implies
that you will burn more fat while burning more calories while at rest.

Tips to Gain Muscle

According to Chavez and Iafelice, consuming the right amount of protein and doing
resistance training is essential for building muscle. A necessary macronutrient, protein is
present in many bodily tissues, including the muscles and bones. It plays a variety of roles in
the body’s chemical processes, including those that entail digestion and the synthesis of
energy. Research indicates that resistance or strength exercise is equally significant for
building muscle mass, lowering body fat, and recharging the resting metabolic rate of an

The Health Advantages of Muscle Growth

According to Iafelice, “building and maintaining muscle mass throughout life is associated
with longevity.” Muscle is necessary for functionality. He clarifies that sarcopenia, or
progressive muscle loss in older persons, is really associated with a higher risk of falling, being
disabled, and passing away. According to studies, building muscle has several advantages,
according to Chavez. For instance, a 2021 study published in Nutrients lists the following
possible advantages of muscle growth:

  • Enhanced power
  • Improved capacity to carry out routine duties and activities
  • Elevated metabolic rate
  • Reduced chance of accidents and falls
  • Enhanced metabolism of blood sugar
The Ideal Protein to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

According to research, the majority of individuals should combine resistance exercise with a
diet that provides 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day to effectively
build muscle. However, an individual’s age, caloric consumption, and body weight may all
affect this amount. Iafelice emphasizes the need to include high-quality protein sources in the
diet and notes that leucine, an amino acid that is generally present in higher concentrations
in animal-based proteins, can aid in promoting muscle growth. Lafelice lists the following as
sources of leucine-rich protein: Fish, Chicken, Eggs, and Milk, dairy goods, including cheese
and yogurt. Iafelice advises plant-based lifestyle followers to consume a range of plant
proteins, noting that plant-based protein powders, like pea-based Legume crops, include
soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, and beans, Seeds and Nuts, Tempeh Tofu.

The Greatest Workout for Building Muscle and Losing Fat

According to Chavez and Iafelice, resistance exercise is essential for both muscle building
and fat loss because it builds muscle strength and endurance by working the muscles against
outside opposition. Elastic fitness bands, which are rubber bands that you stretch with force,
strength training equipment, and weights like barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells can all be
used for resistance training. Iafelice says, “The key is to take reps to muscle fatigue.” Muscle
tiredness, according to him, is the point at which one cannot perform another repetition.


Before beginning a fat-loss and muscle-building program, or any new diet and exercise
routine, consult with your doctor. Getting the assistance of a body compositing expert who
can customize a strategy to meet your goals and lifestyle, such a registered dietitian with a
focus on sports nutrition or a certified personal trainer with a nutrition degree, may also be

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