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15 Exceptionally Powerful Scripts for Cold Calling Real Estate

Script for cold calling in real estate

A real estate cold calling script is a prepared dialogue to be used during a phone call with
potential clients. It makes it easier to generate new leads, establish rapport with prospects,
and convince prospective customers to hire you. “Real estate cold calling” is the practice of
making outbound calls to a list of contacts. This means that calls will be forwarded to people
who are not familiar with your business. The people you talk to may not be familiar with your
firm or brand, which is why cold calling in real estate has a terrible image. Convincing people
to use your service is your aim.

Why Cold Calling Is Beneficial in the Real Estate Industry

You already know why cold calling is important if you’ve run a real estate company for a
considerable amount of time. The following are a few objectives of cold calling:

  • To establish contact with anyone looking to purchase or sell a house.
  • To arrange appointments with possible clients.
  • To assist you in honing a list of possible clients.
                              15 Realtors’ Cold Calling Scripts

Here are some really powerful real estate cold calling scripts for various scenarios to get you
started and help you interact with your prospects.

Calling a script to introduce yourself as a Realtor

By gaining some ground, it will assist you in determining the degree of interest. You can go on
to the next prospect or continue interacting to learn more about their interests if they don’t

Promoting your real estate services

You must comprehend the motivations behind a person’s property sale.
For example, financial reasons are typically the reason why homeowners sell their properties.
As a result, they make every effort to maximize the value of their assets. They frequently steer
clear of real estate brokers because they may have had bad experiences in the past or believe
that doing so will be expensive.

The script for prospecting calls in circles

“Scripts should be nothing more than conversation starters and enders,” says Donna Stott
of Your Coaching Matters.
The unscripted part is the juice, which is in the middle. You connect
and establish rapport there.

Making use of a recent sale you completed

You may ask people in the neighborhood whether they would be interested in selling their
property if you had made a really successful sale. It is comparable to prospecting in circles.
However, rather than searching for references, you are promoting the transaction you made
in this instance. This will make it clear to everyone looking to sell their property that you are
the person to contact.

Taking on the role of a community champion
You can take advantage of your long-standing experience if you have worked in a field. You
can gain the confidence of the locals by establishing yourself as an authority on real estate
transactions in that area.

Applying the FOMO method

FOMO: Fear of Missing OutPeople feel a sense of urgency when they are out. Customers shun
real estate brokers as a result of salespeople’s frequent use of guilt manipulation, pressuring,
and hollow promises. Thus, stay away from those strategies. On the other hand, FOMO might
be useful in an assertive sales pitch.

Cold calling script for expired listings in real estate

The listing that has expired indicates that there may have been a problem with the sales
procedure. But as a real estate agent, you shouldn’t look for reasons why the owner or the
prior agent did something wrong. The clients are typically upset at this point because the sale
did not go through. Furthermore, numerous real estate brokers have already reached out to
them. So, before you set up a meeting, have a conversation with the client, provide them with
free information, and establish trust. Short conversations are possible, and you can learn
some things.

A script to generate interest in online leads

You usually have more information about the prospect when you work with online leads. It’s
because you are aware of the listings that caught their eye and the average amount of time
they spend on each website. Additionally, you may track the lead actions and give them a call
while they’re still on your website by using real estate CRM software.

Programs to generate leads at open-house occasions

Hosting open house events may not result in direct sales, but they are excellent for a variety
of other activities. They can assist in locating possible listings nearby. They can assist you in
finding possible customers, obtaining fresh recommendations, and more. They can also be a
fantastic way to learn more about the locals and the area. There are many methods for
obtaining contacts. You can visit neighboring homes or hold competitions.

Voicemail script for real estate transactions

Your calls will frequently end up in voice mail. It could seem like a chance lost. But since this is
your first correspondence with the homeowner, you have the option to write a compelling
message. You can even modify your pitch based on the area or prospect.

The pitch made in elevators

A script that introduces them without sounding robotic is a necessary for every realtor. They
have to sound credible and natural.

A script for a phone call to a familiar person

Knowing someone already gives you an advantage over other agents. As you are already
acquainted with the prospect, you can initiate a dialogue before presenting your offer.
Building trust and maintaining a genuine discussion will be simple if you are speaking with a
familiar person.

Concise script for cold calling

Making cold calls might take up your whole day. Therefore, you should save your pitch for
certain prospects. Your response will be either yes or no. If the answer is no, you can mark the
entry as “not interested” in your CRM and proceed. If not, you can go on to your next pitching

An outline written for the landowner who is currently selling

People who’ve had bad experiences in the past with real estate agents frequently attempt to
sell their houses on their own. These folks frequently struggle and experience defeat. Here’s
how you can support them. Please take note that you should not use this script if the seller is
already in contact with another agent.

A script to cease discussing commissions

Many clients are obstinate about commission costs while discussing the sale of a property.
Engaging in a heated discussion about commissions can get unpleasant. Suppressing it early
in the conversation is the best method to handle this circumstance.


Consider conducting research on local market trends, demographics, and common wants or
pain points of potential clients in order to customize the cold calling scripts for your market
or location. Make sure your scripts speak to your target audience by addressing these
particular variables in your writing.

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